Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Card

So now that I have started a new life that consists of living with a boy it is time that we start our own Christmas traditions. We had basically the same Christmas traditions growing up but it is now time to create our own for us. We are excited to start it off right this season.

One thing that is a must this year is to send out Christmas Cards . It is a very difficult decision to decide between this one , that one , or maybe even this one .

Be checking your mailboxes during the Christmas season!! Married life is great and we can't wait to share some pictures of what we have been up to this Christmas season!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


There was one sport growing up that as a child of David Farnsworth we were required to learn to play. That sport was tennis. I always remember enjoying my tennis lessons growing up but I always wanted to be really good and be able to volley back and forth for a while. When I started I was just small little girl weighing in at no more than one-hundred pounds (because let's face it I never reached the one-hundred mark until I was teenager) so I am sure that muscle development factored into my arching lobes and inaccurate ball placement. Even today I still have those occasional lobes and my ball placement is hardly ever where I want it.

Last summer I picked up the game again. I met my friend, Sheri and she introduced me to a nice group of fun ladies in Starkville that I enjoy getting to hit some tennis balls with about twice a week. While I may have only won a few matches it is the competition, sweat, and hard work that I enjoy. Today my legs are sore from a match that I had last night. But there is just something that I love about getting out on the courts and hitting that little yellow ball as hard as I can (I realize that makes me sound violent but I am not). It is just a good way to clear my mind and have a little fun!

One day soon I am sure that I will have to return my borrowed racket from sister Helen. She keeps asking when she is going to get it back. But for now I will keep it and keep playing this sport that was once mandatory but now is played for fun!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Am Going to Live with a Boy!

So I guess that I should start at the very beginning. Buckle your seat belt.

It all started last summer in the parking lot of the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Starkville. I was meeting my friend Katherine to pick up a present for another one of our friends wedding showers. About ten minutes after I left I got a text message from Katherine asking if I would be willing to be set up on a blind date. I was very hesitant at the time and thinking that it was not the greatest idea. I gave some excuse how school and work were really busy and I just did not have time for anything else in my schedule at the time. So Katherine waits. Talks with me about it again. I think that I was little more open to the idea at that time but still thinking that maybe I should not go and thinking there is no way that this was going actually going to work. I think that I kinda agreed to something but I can't really remember. Well she calls a third time and I agree to meet for "happy hour" after work one night. Katherine says that she and Jarrod will come too so that it won't be awkward. I think well I don't have anything to loose -- why not, right? Many of my long time Starkville friends had moved in the past six months so I was up for making a new friend (thinking that it would just be that, a friend).

It was a Wednesday afternoon on a hot July day. We all met at Bin 612 for drinks. That was the plan... only drinks. I first lay eyes on this boy and awkwardly introduce myself across the fence; we shake hands and he stands until I am seated (secretly impressed by his gentleman acts immediately). I order some white wine and thus begins the conversation. We chat about being from Sylacauga, my favorite university Auburn, life in the real world and I can't really remember what else. I am sure that we talked something about politics... oh yes, we compared notes from our summers in DC. Drinks were going so well that we ended up staying for dinner. Conversation was flowing and I think that it was like four hours later when it was time to leave. He walks me to my car and awkwardly asks for my number (it was awkward because he could not get his iPhone to work). So I give him my number and I leave town for a week the next day. I knew that he would call but I had no idea when.

So the next week I get a phone call from a random 601 number... it was The Boy. He asks me to dinner the next day. Our dinner date at Anthony's lasted 3-4 hours too. He drank white wine because that is what I wanted and he hates white wine (come to find out later). It was a pretty good first date.

Remember me blogging about Cooking School? Yes, he won my heart with some cooking in the Delta of Mississippi.

I think that it is about time that I get to the engagement :) If you had asked me on Sunday afternoon if I thought that Lee had talked with my Dad I would have told you no way. I was convinced that he had not talked to him because when would he have? I just did not see a time or place where they could have met. And I knew that he had not bought a ring. I knew that he had looked at some but I thought that he was just trying to get educated on diamonds because I knew nothing about diamonds. So I really would have made a large bet with you if you had made an offer.

We had spent the weekend in Memphis with some friends. It was a really chill and fun weekend. On the way home Lee handed me a book that we had been going through together. It has 101 questions to ask and I always knew that we would be finished with the book before we got engaged. We were close to the end and Lee insisted that we finish it before we got home. I just thought that he was ready to finish the book because had spent three months working through it. So we finish the book and I ask so when are you going to propose. I was completely kidding (and he knew it) because I was convinced that he had some business to tend to (i.e. purchasing a ring but more importantly talking Dad) and his response was "today". I started laughing and told him to get to work then.

We pull up at my house and things are as normal as they can be. We unload my stuff and walk into the house. I notice a package from Mom sitting in the foyer, see that my roommates made a mess in the living and I was a little frustrated with that so I just start walking to my room. Lee asks were are you going and I responded to my room he says don't you want to look at the stuff in the living. I was thinking no not really because it's not my stuff and I left that room clean and now it is dirty. He drops his stuff and walks into the living room and I decide to follow.

When I walk in I notice that there are pictures of us and a screen printed picture of the Auburn and MS State University seals over lapping on the coffee table (INSERT BACKGROUND: it is Auburn tradition to not walk on the seal because you will either not marry an Auburn grad and/or your children will not go to Auburn; Lee knew the background and had said numerous times that if/when he proposed that he was going to do it on the seal and I told him that he would have to find another girl then). So when I saw that I realized what was going on and I whip around and ask what are you doing? And that point he is down on a knee and I sit down next to him because I am so shocked. Somehow I get out a yes before the tears come.

We then proceeded to call parents and friends. And then our sweet Starkville friends brought over champagne, strawberries, and dinner. For the rest of the night we got to spend it with friends and just rejoicing the fun event!

To fill in some gaps... Lee met my dad in Tuscaloosa the same day that I met my dad in Tuscaloosa. Lee told me that he was headed there for work (which was not completely out of the ordinary because he does some work with UAT). I guess that he showed up at work for about five minutes before he spent the next four hours getting drilled with questions by my dad. It was at that lunch meeting that my dad gave Lee my grandmothers diamond that was used in her engagement ring and told Lee that he would be honored if he used it but to not feel any pressure. He bought the ring the weekend that I went with my friends Karis and Sheri to Gulfport for Mardi Gras (more on that to come later). He told me that he and Drew needed to go home because Drew had left some stuff that he would need for job interviews (I completely bought it). Not only did he go home but he went to New Orleans to do some purchasing.

So there you have it. Our engagement story :) Save the date for October 8, 2011!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day of Birth

I mean I complained for weeks about getting older on Feb 13 and then my mom goes and tells someone that I was turning 25. So I guess that either means a) I act younger than I am b) my mother is getting old and can't remember how old her children are. I will let you decide your spin on that situation.

What did I do to celebrate you may ask? Well, it was a long and awful week at work. I already had the attitude of it's just another year we don't have to do something that exciting. As you can imagine after a long stressful/exhausting week at work the last thing I wanted to do was celebrate. Well, Lee and my parents convinced me that I should keep my original plans and go to Sylacauga/Auburn for the weekend. So I picked myself out of bed on Friday morning and packed my clothes to head out of town. Lee picked me up and he drove the entire weekend. I did not pay for gas or anything.

We made our way to Birmingham to do a little shopping for The Boy, spent time with Anna Lucy and ate some good eats. Saturday morning we left for the beloved Plains. Ate lunch with Andrew, Elizabeth and Wilson. Walked around downtown, drank Toomer's Lemonade, chatted on the bench in the Quad and enjoyed nachos at Mamma G's. Pretty perfect day. Went to the Auburn vs MSU basketball game in which my Tigers won! Yes, that is their second SEC win and it came against none other than the Dawgs. I was happy; The Boy was sad. Dinner was disaster that the blog world doesn't deserve to remember because my favorite restaurant had a 90 minute wait at 9pm at night.

Sunday (my actual birthday) Dad had a stomach virus. I use to always be sick on my birthday. Mom made a delicious lunch. As you might remember my birthday present was the trip to Arizona which yes it is still worth it but they also surprised me with an electric sander that I had wanted. I can't wait to see what my next project will be.

So there you have it.... birthday 2011 and 26 years of living! Here's to the next 26!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bowl Games Round 2

National Championship Game. War Eagle.

Let me first say that no one unless you have graudated or attended Auburn University will you honestly be able to enjoy winning the National Championship like I did. I have to admit that in my short 25 years of life that it might be one of the most enjoyable, exciting, and memorable days I have ever had. (Granted I realize that I have yet to get married or birth any babies and I do hope that those days trump this day but this day will always be close in comparison).

Thankfully we had decided to fly from Mobile (because we had a wedding there the night before). Due to all the weather issues that north Alabama and Atlanta were having I was thankful that we had a smooth flight(s). Due to flying through Denver we were able to see Leslie and give one my best friends a hearty War Eagle en route to Phoenix.

We arrived early to find a sea of orange and blue. So many Auburn fans. I would walk aways and see people I knew and chat then continue on. I mean between two Auburn grads and one Auburn student I was surprised to realize that we saw so many people that we knew. But who am I kidding? This is the Auburn family. We tailgated with friends, attended organized tailgates by the Fiesta Bowl and just walked around to see the sights. All day I was surprisely calm and ready for the game to start. I guess that I just had a feeling that we would win. I don't know why.

Well game time hits. I start literally freaking out. I am a nervous wreck. I am screaming all the cheers, singing the fight song at the top of my lungs. I am surprised that I did not loose my voice before the game even started. All during the game I am nervou, can't sit still, up, down, talking to whoever will listen. So they tie the game up with oh two minutes left. I have to run to the bathroom because a) if we win I will wet my pants b) I am not sure I want to see the rest of this. So I take off running; literally running. I miss maybe one play and I am back. I see the run by Dyer. Start freaking out that we might actually win this thing. Then I pray for Wes Byrum's mother because I don't think that I could be her. I freak out when Cam tries to run because he could loose that football. Then Wes comes out. I am thinking you can do this. He has done this numerous times no big deal -- just the National Championship on the line this time. Think oh yes I already admitted that I would hate to be his mother right now. Dad and I look at each other and say well here goes. All I look for is for the refs arms go up. They do. I process that means a) we win b) game is over c) we are the National Champions.

Pure excitement. Pure joy. Tears of excitment. Amazement. War Eagle. Singing. Yelling. High fiving everyone in the section. Hugs all around. Yes, we won!

War Eagle!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Round 1 of Bowl Games 2011

Gator Bowl.

It was the first of my two bowl games for the 2010 post season in college football. Once one starts dating a graduate of another university there are just somethings that you have to learn to deal with. It is a good thing that I do love football and I am typically always up for going to a game. In this case it provided me an opprotunity to travel about 11 hours to the east to visit Jacksonville, FL.

Lee and I headed out before the sun was up on Thursday morning to meet our travel buddies, Justin and Kelly. We traveled old-school style with the men upfront and girls in the back. It was a lot of fun to have a car full of people to drive with. We laughed a lot, Kelly and I played back seat driver a little too much, and Justin was always willing to toss out a comment that would send me laughing.

Friday we enjoyed a day at St. Augustine. The weather was beautiful and warm :) Then I experienced my fist shopping experience with a boy. Coming from a family with all girls I have never had a need to shop for boys. Well, this boy is picky (not a bad thing) and I got a tutorial in shopping for males. We rang in the New Year by celebrating at the MSU Dawg Pound Party. Lots of music, friends, dancing and a few drinks is what filled our night.

Saturday brought the reason that we had traveled so far. I learned that Michigan fans are similar to Alabama fans: think that they are better than anyone else and have a right to win because they have such a rich history in college athletes. Well, MS State introduced them to the new version of college athletics and sent them into a panic (so much so that they fired their coach). I always (unless it is Alabama) enjoy seeing an SEC team prevail in bowl season. MS State not only prevailed they dominated. Yes, the Dawgs routed Michigan 52-14.

Sunday meant that it was time to return to Mississippi. I slept most of the way to Birmingham. It was good to be home and rest up before I started bowl game round 2....